This weekend took place on the International Golf of Saint-François in Guadeloupe, the finals of the “Young” Antilles Championship as well as the qualifications for the “Young” French Championships which will take place in La Baule at the end of July.

The 4 Young people of the club "Les Tamarins" present shone since Pierre GARCIA is Antilles Champion in Minimal 1st year and is QUALIFIED for the French Championships in Minimal category, Manon TORTELIER is Antilles Champion in Benjamine 2 category, Jeanne PELE is second in the under 13 category and Louis LOUCHET is third in the Minime 2 category. Congratulations to these 4 young people from the club and their coaches with a special mention to Pierre and Manon who are Antilles Champions in their category. Pierre Garcia, the No. 1 player of the Tamarins, will take part in his 2nd final of the French FFG Championship in July.

This is the result of the work done with his trainer, the internships he performs at the sports training center of the Guadeloupe League, internships in the USA, as well as the support of his family and supporters, and his club Les Tamarins. And for all these young people, very good results without golf in the French part… What if…? Accessible to more young people…? To be continued?

Video award ceremony: Championship-des-antilles-tour-2/

If your child likes golf, contact the Tamarins association which provides golf lessons to young people through educational establishments and to beginners or experienced adults: site Golf is a sport and a school of life. _AH

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