Shared management with the Sint Maarten authorities of the Simpson Bay lagoon


The Executive Council voted, last June 24, a deliberation activating the shared management with Sint Maarten of the lagoon of Simpson Bay.

“Our lagoon is unique since it is the largest body of water in the entire Caribbean. We therefore have a duty with our neighbors in Sint Maarten to jointly protect it, ”said Daniel Gibbs.

This rehabilitation will be financed by the European cross-border program, the ERDF-CTE, and will consist of acting in three stages:

- Clean up the lagoon from ship wrecks,

- Launch environmental and socioeconomic studies for its rehabilitation

- Eventually put in place a joint management plan.

The Executive Council also voted for a deliberation aimed at regulating the flow of rainwater and preventing the risk of flooding in the Belle Plaine - Quartier d'Orléans area, with a contribution from the Collectivity of up to 100000 €.

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