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3W Academy Saint-Martin is a company in the social and solidarity economy, with ESUS approval (Solidarity company of social utility), which offers free training in digital professions. Training that allows you to quickly find a job or create your own activity.

Next October 30, begins a six-month Mobile Web Development training, recognized by the State and at Bac +2 level, at the end of which graduates will be able to create websites, applications mobile, manage back-end interfaces, etc… "These are training courses that are very recent on Saint-Martin, and which allow the development of a digital sector," says Jerry Desbonnes, head of 3W Academy Saint-Martin. “We will, in the long term, within six months, young professionals, and not so young, since the training is open to everyone. To those who are on the RSA, as well as to people over 45 who want to retrain ”.

At the end of the training, three types of possibilities are available to graduates, either resuming studies since they have a Bac +2 level, creating their own independent activity, or having a professionalization contract. "We are in the process of setting up partnerships with organizations such as Initiative Saint-Martin Active to, after their training, support them if they want to create their activity," says Jerry Desbonnes. In addition, 3W Academy can offer professionalization contracts for those who wish, and go to metropolitan France, with the support of LADOM, to "work in groups like Orange, or the multinational Capgemini, which are our partners and who will be able to recruit some at the end of the training ”.

Twelve learners are registered for the training which begins on October 30, 2019, “and there are eight places left. So those interested can get in touch with us or their Pôle Emploi advisor. ” The latter takes charge of training which is free for job seekers. For more information, visit the website, contact by email or by phone on 0690 35 16 49. _RM

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