CREPS training Antilles-Guyane: Eighteen newly qualified sports educators!


It is during these last eight months that the new sports educators carried out their training with the CREPS Antilles Guyane in Saint Martin. This training for the Professional Youth Certificate in Popular Education and Sports, Mention Physical Activities for All (BPJEPS APT), was co-financed by the Collectivité of Saint-Martin and the European Social Fund (FSE). 

The training of versatile sports educators has focused on three areas of sports activities: outdoor activities (hiking, sea kayaking, paddle), expression and muscle strengthening activities for well-being and maintaining health as well as fun activities such as team sports, also discussed in their “beach” version which is a reality on Saint-Martin.

These 18 educators are therefore graduates of BPJEPS APT today. It is a professional diploma of level IV, delivered by the Ministry of Sports, which confers on its holder the qualifications necessary for the versatile sports animation with the aim of maintaining physical capacities and awakening to sports practices.

Indeed, on September 9, the jury met at the Youth Directorate of Social Cohesion of Guadeloupe (DJSCS), in order to deliberate and thus award the diplomas.

This promotion strengthens the extracurricular animation system in schools with the CTOS as well as the animation activities in the districts, led by the association SXM Sports pour Tous, which today employs sports educators graduated in BAPAAT and in BPJEPS APT.

Sports clubs as well as certain Leagues also see their technical and educational teams reinforced by these new graduates.

Without forgetting that some of them carry out their professional projects on the island, in the creation of companies of services of fitness and maintenance of health.

Since 2009, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, with the support of the ESF, has initiated these training courses in the sports professions in partnership with the CREPS Antilles Guyane. The effects are felt in the field by the presence of professionals who work on a daily basis on sports activities for the youth of Saint Martin.

It is now a question of consolidating this system by other training courses which will strengthen the skills of our technicians in the diagnostic analysis of the territory in order to lead structuring projects with socio-educational and socio-cultural aims.

Interesting perspectives for Saint-Martin sport. _AF

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