Football / Football Festival U13 Pitch: Junior Stars will represent Saint-Martin for the regional final in Guyana!


Every year, the French Football Federation organizes the U13 Pitch Football Festival which brings together all U13 licensees, girls and boys. This event takes place over three phases: departmental, regional and national. The objective is to combine sports and education, by adding educational quizzes to matches and technical workshops in order to promote the values ​​set out in the Federal Educational Program.

In Saint-Martin, eight teams, Junior Stars “A and B”, AS Phoenicks, Risc Takers, Saint-Louis Stars “A and B”, Juventus de Saint-Martin and FC Flamingo were competing last Saturday April 6 at the stadium Thelbert Carti in Quartier d'Orléans for the departmental final.

On the program, football matches of course, but also juggling, technical challenges, quizzes... All prepared in the spirit of the French Football Federation, and defined under the acronym PRETS (Pleasure, Respect, Commitment , Tolerance and Solidarity).

At the end of the various events, it was finally Junior Stars “A” who won their ticket, which means qualification for the regional final which will take place in Guyana on May 4 and 5.

Congratulations to all participants for this great footballing day and to the parent supporters for the encouragement and good humor displayed throughout the tournament. _AF


The final ranking:

1st AS Junior Stars A

2nd AS Phoeniks

3rd Risk Takers

4th St. Louis Stars

5th Juventus

6th Junior Stars B

7th St. Louis Stars B

8th FC Flamingo

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