FOOTBALL WHILE WALKING: Playing football in slow motion, yes it is possible!


At the initiative of the Saint-Martin Football League, the 1st edition of Football en Marche or “Walking Foot” took place last Tuesday at the Halle des Sports in Marigot. A new variant of the round ball which should make followers in Saint-Martin!

“Walking Foot” is a sport imported from England created in 2011. This game is played by teams of 5 players on a shortened field, with a maximum of three touches of the ball.

Walking football is a slower version of football with rules adapted to allow the practice of a leisure sporting activity in complete safety and accessible to all. It aims to keep in shape: less or no contact, measured cardiac effort, less stress at the joint and muscle level, and above all social ties!

Neither the rules of the game, nor the reflexes to have on the field change with Football while walking. The strategy, the precision of the shots, the sense of the collective: all these values ​​which make the nature of football are also present in its slow version. If you dream of getting back into football but find the discipline too physical because of your advanced age, quickly contact the Saint-Martin Football League who will be able to direct you towards walking football. To discover absolutely! _AF

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