EUROPEAN FUNDS in SAINT-MARTIN: Postponement of the closing date of the 4 FEDER calls for projects


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin, intermediary body managing priority 1 of the Saint-Martin FEDER 2021-2027 Operational Program, informs project leaders of the postponement of the closing date of the 4 calls for projects to June 10, 2024. cumulative amount of 8 million euros, these calls for projects will allow the projects selected in the territory to be supported by a grant from the European Union.

These 4 calls for projects were opened on the E-Synergie platform on Monday January 22, 2024:

1) Support for innovation and strengthening the competitiveness of companies in the building and construction sector (€2 million);

2) Development of digital uses in businesses to strengthen competitiveness (€1 million);

3) Promotion of the destination and development of activities and services enabling the attractiveness of the destination of Saint-Martin (€1,5 million);

4) Upgrading of tourist accommodation (€3,5 million)

Calls for projects are published on:

• The Europe is committed to Saint-Martin website:

Europe is committed to Saint-Martin

• The website of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin:

These 4 calls for projects specify the procedures for submitting grant application files, providing information on the eligibility of beneficiaries, projects, expenses, as well as the selection criteria for operations. You will also find the list of mandatory documents to provide.

Project leaders will be able to submit their file on the platform E-synergie until June 10, 2024.  They can be supported in the procedure for submitting their request, by agents of the FEDER department of the Community, by sending an email to the following address:


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