Florence Poirier-Nkpa and Ade Adesina in Guadeloupe for the exhibition “Without Question based on true stories”


At the invitation of Franck Thevenaud, artist agent, Florence Poirier-Nkpa and Ade Adesina will present their works in Guadeloupe from December 2 to 8 during the exhibition entitled “Without Question based on true stories”.

> At the origin of the exhibition

In 2018, Florence POIRIER-NKPA was invited by the SMO Contemporary Gallery which represents her in Lagos, Nigeria to participate in the ARTX Lagos contemporary art fair. There, she meets Ade ADESINA, a Nigerian artist based in Aberdeen, Scotland, with whom she begins a collaboration. Today supported by the DAC de Guadeloupe, the Collectivité de St Martin and Aberdeen City council as well as the Royal Scottish Academy, Florence and Ade have started to work on a body of work entitled WITHOUT QUESTION Based on true stories in which they have allied their mastery of drawing with their caustic humor to reflect on the place of man in the environment, even before the health crisis takes hold in our daily life.

Ade came to residency in St Martin in December 2019 and Florence went to Aberdeen in February 2020.

For this exhibition, Franck Thevenaud has brought together unpublished pieces by Florence and Ade around a flagship work produced with four hands and thanks to which the two artists were selected for the summer exhibition of the ROYAL ACADEMY in London, currently and until January 3, 2021.


The works of Florence and Ade are staging of different signs and symbols that represent the opposites of a world that they perceive as “bipolar” because they are convinced that from the moment when man is confronted with adversity he will so many extreme and surprising reactions arise….

Useful information :

Exhibition from December 2 to 8, 2020

Online visit of the exhibition: https://florencepoiriernkpa.company.site


Exhibition prohibited at least 12 years old.



> Presentation of the two artists

After other exhibitions in St Martin and in England Concept'art is happy to present the linocuts by Florence POIRIER NKPA and Ade ADESINA. These two artists met in Nigeria and today enjoy increasing visibility in the Caribbean and Africa for Florence and another more focused on England and Scotland for Ade who lives and works there.

Today represented by Concept'art Ade Adesina is an engraving artist, of Nigerian origin born in 1980. He is based in Aberdeen after having studied at the Gray School of art. He was elected Academician of the Royal Scottish Academy and Fellow of the Royal Institute of Art in Glasgow in 2017, then in 2020 he became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painters and Engravers of London.

Born in 1972, Florence Poirier-Nkpa lives and works in St Martin. She was educated at the ENS de Cachan (Paris-Saclay), her works have participated in a number of artistic events, mainly in the Caribbean and Africa. (ART X Lagos 2018, YaPhoto 2019, Editing and assembly with CEREAP in October 2020).

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