TAXATION: No tax increase planned for 2021 in Saint-Martin!


Meeting in plenary on Thursday, the elected representatives of the territorial council deliberated on the tax rates for the year 2021. And unanimously, they voted an identical scale for all taxes. The rates have not changed since 2008 or 2011 depending on taxes.

In 2021, the rates will be as follows:

- The rate of property tax on built properties will be 47,30% (the same since 2008).

- The rate of property tax on unbuilt properties will be 121,58% (the same since 2011).

- The rate of patent contribution will be 25,76% (the same since its creation in 2011).

- The rate of the household waste management tax will be 14,70% (the same since 2007).

- The tax rate intended for the financing of the CCISM (additional tax to the contribution of licenses and additional duty to the index license fee) will always be 2,81%.

Regarding income tax, its scale increases each year according to the evolution of the national price index excluding tobacco. However this year, this index is 0, indicated Marie-Dominique Ramphort, the elected official in charge of taxation. The tax rates for 2021 therefore remain the same:

0% for annual income below € 14,

8% for annual income between € 14 and € 763

14,4% for annual income above € 42.

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