Finance: encouraging management indicators


The 2015 administrative account - reflecting the execution of the Community's budget - was adopted by the last Territorial Council. According to the detailed data, the finances of the COM are therefore in good shape. According to Philippe Millon, the Director General of Services (DGS), the four management indicators are green: “With regard to the capacity for deleveraging, it is a ratio that measures the solvency of the COM: it indicates the number of years required for the Collectivity to repay its stock of loans. ” In 2013, this capacity amounted to 121 years and in 2015 to 3 years. As for the debt ratio, it went from 62% in 2013 to 47% in 2015. The Union pour la Démocratie (UD) group opposed the vote since “the debt of the Collectivity continues”.

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