Optical fiber: understanding your installation in Saint-Martin (Continuation and end)


After the passage of Irma, it was decided that the territory of Saint-Martin was going to be fiber, it will be the first in France to be entirely. In the beginning, only Orange as a network operator was announced to carry out this project. Today other operators are positioning themselves like Dauphin Telecom and THD Tel. How should they organize themselves? In the end how will the fiber be installed? Are operators the only actors concerned? Response elements.

• Who is installing the fiber?

- Network on public roads

It is installed by private companies called operators. Saint-Martin has three main ones: Orange (incumbent network operator), Dauphin Telecom and THD Tel. They are free to install their own fiber network on the territory. If after the passage of Irma, Orange as a network operator had been designated from the outset to fiberize the territory, Dauphin Telecom and THD Tel have since positioned themselves. THD Tel has announced that it has started installing its network in the Nettle Bay area.

Dauphin Telecom for its part announces that it has soon finished fiberizing Bellevue, La Savane and Orient Bay. The operator would ultimately like to have covered the areas of Cul de Sac, Anse Marcel, Baie Orientale, Grand Case, Rambaud, Friar's Bay, Marigot, Bellevue and Nettle Bay.

As for Orange, it announced that it will have fiberized Quartier d'Orléans by the end of the year. He also wants to position himself in other areas like Marigot and Concordia.

In order to make profitable and amortize these very expensive investments, the interest for the operators is to share the zones.

- Network from the pooling point

This network must be deployed by a building operator. In Saint-Martin, there are two, Dauphin Telecom and THD Tel, according to the list established by Arcep.

This operator must therefore take the fiber from the entrance of the building / residence to each house / apartment. It then has the duty to make its network available to so-called commercial operators who offer Internet access. This means that if the fiber has been installed by Dauphin, the individual can take out a subscription with Orange or THD Tel. The choice of the building operator belongs to the co-ownership; it must be approved at a general meeting and must be the subject of an agreement. The two main selection criteria being cost and completion time.

• What is the limit of the role of the operator?

The French part of the island will be fully fiberized by 2020, the date announced after Irma. On the condition that the civil engineering works on the public highway which will disrupt automobile traffic, are carried out on time.

When optical fiber is thus installed on public roads, this does not mean that all individuals and commercial / craft areas will be able to benefit from it. Indeed, it should be understood that the announced objective is to bring fiber to the points of mutualization. Then it is up to the co-owners and associations managing the private subdivisions to have it transported within their perimeter. If they do not designate any building operator to do so, no operator will install it beyond the famous pooling point. (More details on www.soualigapost.com)

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