“Fhand # SXM”, a new application implemented to denounce and know how to react to domestic violence


All women victims of violence do not file a complaint or ask for help out of fear and often out of ignorance of their rights, means (notably legal) which are available to them locally. This is why the Trait d'Union victim aid association wanted to set up a tool to provide the necessary information and behavior to adopt in the event of violence. This tool is Fhand # SXM, an application that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets.

Developed by a local company, the application includes a dozen items. It endeavors to define violence and measure its degree. On a scale of 1 to 25, the different forms of violence are described in concrete terms: from blackmail if the victim refuses to do something asked by the partner to threaten with a weapon.

Several useful numbers are given (gendarmerie, Trait d'Union, COM solidarity pole, Red Cross, Le Manteau, prefecture, etc.). The application also allows you to call directly or send an email, as well as request an appointment with Trait d'Union.

A chat is also offered: the person can contact a member of the Trait d'Union association during the day and ask him a question.

The objective of the application is to reach women who do not manifest themselves and to support them. "We must free up speech," says a lawyer from Trait d'Union. While more and more women are contacting the association, many still do not dare to do so. "This application can help them," he says.

The developers of the tool insist that the application is secure in order to protect the victim of his partner if the latter seeks to control what she said.

Chat conversations are automatically deleted when the session is closed. In addition, it is possible to create an account with access via a password.

The application is in French, English and Spanish. It will also soon be in Haitian Creole. It is already available on Google Play and soon on Apple.

In Saint-Martin, the gendarmerie identified 217 women victims of domestic violence.

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