Go ahead for boating under certain conditions


One more report on the bright side, boating is once again authorized from this Saturday, May 23!

Just for the pleasure of sailing! From sunrise to sunset, sailing enthusiasts can now take a breath of fresh air at sea in French waters. This new measure was also taken yesterday by the prefect and recorded in a prefectural decree thus modifying that of May 15 relating to deconfinement measures.

However, it only concerns sailboats flying the French flag and within a limit of 3 miles around the coasts of the French part. Navigation in the waters of Sint Maarten is however prohibited.

On the other hand, the disembarkation on islets and beaches is authorized. But gatherings of more than 10 people in public places and barbecues on the beaches are still prohibited.

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  1. Audrey May 26, 2020 at 13:26 pm Reply

    Message to the prefecture of Saint-Martin, following decree 2020/113 / PREF / SG authorizing pleasure boating only to sailboats flying the French flag. Why this discrimination? Sailboats of other nationalities based in Saint-Martin during the confinement period are not more at risk of spreading the virus! We are insulted by this cleavage that we could never have imagined in a French island! Moreover, no other island of the Antilles reserves a different treatment according to the nationality of the flags! In our respective countries, French nationals have the same rights and the same obligations as citizens. Each sailboat flying a foreign flag spends foreign capital on your island. As far as we are concerned, this represents an average of 40 € per year and has been for 000 years. Our friends and family come to visit us during the months we spend in Saint-Martin. We were back 7 months after Irma, we haven't let you down. Should we reconsider our choice of island to store our boat? Do we have to spend our winters elsewhere? Finally, should we denounce this discrimination on all the sailing sites of which we are members?

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