Halloween party: Mysterious and thrilling atmosphere this evening at the Alamanda Kitchen!


Vampires, witches, ghosts, pumpkins and other spiders… this Tuesday, October 31, your imps will shiver with pleasure with the inevitable Halloween party organized by the team of the living dead of the Alamanda Kitchen at Orient Bay!

Mistrust, mistrust! Many strange creatures and critters will be out and will be wandering around tonight, at 18 p.m., near the Alamanda Kitchen, in Orient Bay! As soon as they arrive, big and small monsters will be greeted to the diabolical rhythms of the Dj Master Gee. The frenzied evening will continue with a giant paella. Note that the meal will be offered for the little greedy monsters. _AF

Do not hesitate to reserve your private space - Alcôve - at the following number: 06 90 66 07 59 or by email: alamandakitchen@gmail.com

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