Languages, Arts and Cultures Festival 2023: a grand finale!


The atmosphere was very friendly at the Émile Choisy school where the closing of the Festival Langues, Arts et Cultures 2023 took place on Friday, May 12.

After a warm welcome from André Botino, the director of the school, Harry Christophe, vice-rector of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin gave a very positive assessment of the festival, thanking the entire educational community, the parents but also the partners. These last strong investors took the floor in turn to underline the importance of such collaboration around a flagship and unifying event. Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, concluded this evening and this festival: "...Talent is creating the world around us by making it more beautiful...the breath of the trade winds that refreshes us a little this evening and which stimulates us, it is the breath of the Caribbean, it is the breath of this region of the world which is the Caribbean with this absolutely incredible diversity of cultures! …”. The theme chosen for this edition “live our diversity” clearly defines our territory. These ten days of festival show that art and culture are at the heart of the school.

This festival allowed students to highlight one of the most beautiful characteristics and riches of our island: its cultural and linguistic diversity.

"This festival has all its meaning in our territory where more than 100 nationalities coexist, where children speak several languages ​​and where cultures mingle and intertwine", underlines the vice-president, Dominique Louisy, in charge of human development.

We bet that the 2024 edition will be even richer! Long live the Languages, Arts and Cultures Festival!

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