GASTRONOMY FESTIVAL: The winners are now (almost) known


If we will have to wait until Tuesday evening to find out the big winner elected “Best Table 2022”, the prize-giving ceremony for the Gastronomy Festival competition took place on Sunday evening at the gastronomy village in Marigot.

For 12 days, the rhythm was sustained for the chefs, the organizers and the participants, the Gastronomy Festival will close its second edition this Tuesday, November 22 with the big gala evening and the designation of the Best Table 2022 after a competition at the blind between the winners of the four categories. But before coming to the prize list, let's go back to a few moments when the workshops multiplied, whether, for example, in Orient Bay during the mixology workshop with Ninon Fauvarque, on the Marigot seafront with the sensational duo Laurent Huguet and Alain Warth or during numerous demonstrations such as that of chef Maame Boakye at the village of gastronomy, a village inaugurated last Friday evening in the presence of all the chefs, Valérie Damaseau and Aïda Weinum, respectively president and director of the Office of Tourism, of Silveria Jacobs, Prime Minister of Sint Maarten and her team dedicated to tourism. With free access for all, the gastronomy village brought together food lovers and the curious, in a festive atmosphere with local cuisine stands and musical entertainment during the three intense days. The three finalists of the mixology competition and the four winners of each category will be decided this evening. Suspense, suspense... _Vx

Winners :

  • BBQ competition:
    • First place: Eddy Cozier (Quality Food)
    • Second place: Kadian Brown (Road Side Cool Out)
    • Third place: Kenneth Hyman (Heritage Kitchen)
    • Best Ribs: Eddy Cozier (Quality Food)
    • Best Chicken: Kadian Brown (Road Side Cool Out)
    • Best Pigtail: Eddy Cozier (Quality Food)
    • Best Fish: Kenneth Hyman (Heritage Kitchen)
    • Best Surprise Dish: Augustine Baly (TJ Delicacies)
  • Special prices:
    • Favorite of the Public:
      • First place: La Terrasse Rooftop Restaurant
      • Runner Up: Sandy's Creole Cuisine
      • Third place: Good Food & Mojitos
    • Best Dessert:
      • First place: La Dolce Vita
      • Second place: Chez Fernand
      • Third place: Chez Rosemary
  • Beach Star Category:
    • First place: String Beach
    • Second place: Waï Plage
    • Third place: 978 Beach
  • Authentic Star Category:
    • First place: Good Food & Mojitos
    • Second place: Chez Lainez
    • Third place: Star Bar
  • City Star Category:
    • First place: Aux Mets Tissés
    • Second Place: Kaz a Poke
    • Third place: La Terrasse Rooftop Restaurant
  • Gourmet Star Category:
    • First place: Villa Hibiscus
    • Second place: Le Pressoir
    • Third place: The Cottage
The three finalists of the mixology competition are:
  • Elise de l'Atelier
  • Thomas of Villa Hibiscus
  • Aurélie from Mother House


  • Photo n°1: Participants of the mixology competition (names are not in the order of the photo) – Daryl (Hot Spot), Elise (L'Atelier), Thea (Sunset Café), Thomas (La Villa Hibiscus ), Aurélie (Mother House), Cédric (La Favela), Philibert (978 Lounge / Sanctorum), Franco (Sandy's Too).

  • Photo n°2: Mixology competition finalists (Elise from the Atelier, Thomas from Villa Hibiscus, Aurélie from Maison Mère) and some of the jurors (Mia Mastroianni, Arthur Sutley and Dale Moss)

  • Photo n°3: Eddy Cozier (Quality Food), first prize in the BBQ competition

  • Photo n°4: Kénila and Kenneth Hyman (Heritage Kitchen), third prize in the BBQ competition

  • Photo n°5: Kadian Brown (Road Side Cool Out), second prize in the BBQ competition

  • Photo n°6 (from left to right): Aux Mets Tissés (first prize City Stars), Le Cottage (third prize Gourmet Stars), Aïda Weinum (Director of the Tourist Office), La Villa Hibiscus (first prize Gourmet Stars ), Valérie Damaseau (President of the Tourist Office), Star Bar (third Authentic Stars prize), La Terrasse Rooftop Restaurant (third City Stars prize and first public favorite prize), Good Food & Mojitos (first Authentic stars).

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