Various facts: A gas station and a pizzeria victims of an armed robbery


Two new armed robberies were committed last Saturday in the French part, fortunately without causing any injuries.

It is first of all a petrol station located before Orient Bay which was the prey of the criminals on Saturday at the end of the afternoon, around 17:30 p.m. Two armed individuals robbed the gas station attendants to get the cash they had on them. The criminals then tried to attack the tourists, but the latter managed to put them to flight with a certain determination.

A few hours later, another robbery was committed in downtown Marigot. An armed robber burst into a pizzeria and forced the manager to hand over the contents of the cash register.

Investigations have been opened.

In addition, last Sunday, a gendarmerie patrol  managed to scare off thieves who were about to seize a scooter in the Grand-Case area. _AF


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