Miscellaneous facts: A young woman dies in a road accident in Terres-Basses


A new road tragedy occurred last night on the Terres-Basses road which cost the life of a young woman well known on the island.

The tragic events took place around 20 p.m. Returning from the Dutch part, the driver lost control of her vehicle in a dangerous bend in Terres-Basses then hit a wall. The shock was extremely violent. Alerted immediately, the firefighters, SMUR and the gendarmerie quickly went to the scene of the accident. When they arrived, they took care of the multiple traumatized driver and her passenger in serious condition. Despite the first emergency care provided by the medical team, the driver unfortunately died from her injuries after arriving at the hospital. The passenger, aged around twenty, seriously injured, is still in intensive care at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center.

The announcement of the death of Cassandre Martin caused great emotion among the population and youth of Saint-Martin. The 24-year-old young woman participated in the election of Miss Saint-Martin/Miss Saint-Barthélemy in 2019 and then in 2022.

Faxinfo joins in the pain of his family and loved ones and offers them its most sincere condolences.. _AF

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