MISCELLANEOUS FACTS: Several motorists victims of stone throwing


A few days before the Halloween party, young people have a habit of throwing raw eggs at passers-by and / or cars. The practice is more or less followed depending on the year. This season, the practice started earlier - the gendarmerie received complaints at the beginning of October - but above all it seems more intense and violent, the eggs being replaced by pebbles.

In fact, yesterday morning the Concordia brigade observed the stones of five vehicles at Sandy Ground. And they are not the first. Since last week several victims have testified on social networks to the same facts: while they were driving in their car, they were the target of stone throwing by young individuals, most of them crossing Sandy Ground between 19 p.m. and 22:30 p.m. "We have also received complaints about Grand Case," said the gendarmerie commander.

The day before last night, a young motorist received concrete blocks. “It was around 22 pm, I was slowing down to pass the speed bump at the old Sandy Ground cinema when some young people threw a first, then a second block. The windows exploded and I received shards of glass on my face, ”he confided to us, shocked.

The gendarmerie commander encourages victims to file a complaint. “We have already opened several investigations to identify the perpetrators of the stone throwing,” he explains. And to recognize the difficulties to apprehend them. "We have set up devices but when the young people see us arriving they flee", underlines the commander who has however reinforced the patrols. (soualigapost.com)


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