News item / Paris-Cayenne flight: a fight in… the air!


Three people who knew each other are today before the Cayenne court for their participation in a fight during an Air Caraïbes flight between Paris and Guyana, triggered according to the prosecutor by a pathetic story of glasses.

Taken into custody on the arrival of flight TX570 on February 11 between Paris-Orly and Cayenne-Félix Eboué airport, and risking three years in prison, the men "know each other and these acts would have their origin in the fact that one of the three belligerents took the glasses of one of them, which triggered this numerous violence, ”explained prosecutor Samuel Finielz.

An Air Caraïbes steward was injured trying to intervene, helped by several passengers from the Airbus A350-1000. Their trial in immediate appearance is scheduled for February 15, and according to the prosecution there are “requisitions for placement in pre-trial detention”. Especially since two of the accused are known to the police for a history of violence.

Consumption "probably excessive alcohol has been established as one of the factors of acting out" even if it is probably not the only one, added the prosecutor, an aggravating circumstance which could increase the sentence to five years in prison. required.

Air Caraïbes confirmed the seriousness of the incidents, having warned the Cayenne control tower two hours before its arrival of "serious incivility between two groups of passengers in the middle and end of the flight". Deputy General Manager Eric Michel had already said that “some customers helped our crew to contain this situation, the consequences of which could have been serious without the coolness of our crew, who knew how to perfectly control the situation. You have to allow time for the investigation. In any case, it is unacceptable. These are extremely rare incidents. We reserve the right to file a complaint”.

Prosecutor Samuel Finielz recalled that these behaviors "are absolutely inadmissible and intolerable: they call into question both the safety of the flight (…) the safety of the passengers and therefore the prosecution will be particularly firm and intractable on the repression of these types of behaviour ".


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