News item: A jet-ski hiker victim of a ruptured aneurysm saved in-extremis from drowning by an instructor


Last Sunday, around 12 p.m., a resident of Saint-Martin suffered a ruptured aneurysm during a jet-ski ride organized with several of his friends. He was saved in-extremis from drowning thanks to the rapid intervention of the instructor who supervised the hike.

The person in charge of the jet ski tour witnessed the scene, and immediately came to his aid. And much good took him: the pilot was unconscious, his head underwater drowning! The man clearly saved his life as he later brought him back to the beach. The composure and determination of the jet ski instructor saved the pilot from certain drowning.

Brought back to dry land with the precious help of another person, a nurse by profession, the victim was taken care of by the staff of the La Samanna hotel who gave him first aid. Alerted, the firefighters and the SMUR arrived quickly on the scene and stabilized the person before his transfer to the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital then in EVASAN (Sanitary Evacuation) at the Pointe-à-Pitre University Hospital on Sunday evening.

Yesterday, the medical profession made the decision to transfer the patient to Metropolitan France, his state of health being considered worrying.

We wish Cyrille a speedy recovery and a speedy return to Saint-Martin among us. _AF

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