MISCELLANEOUS FACT: A driver arrested at the Causeway Bridge thanks to the joint efforts of the KPSM and the gendarmerie


During the night from Monday to Tuesday, around 00:30 a.m., an incident occurred near the Causeway Bridge. A police patrol from Simpson Bay attempted to stop the driver of a gray Suzuki Swift as he crossed the bridge towards the French border.

The driver refused to comply, which sparked a chase. Taking all the risks, the driver lost control of his car, which was catapulted over the roundabout and landed on the other side of the road. Visibly ready to run, the driver got out of his car and fled, disappearing into the bushes near the roundabout.

While inspecting the abandoned vehicle, police discovered a firearm, which was immediately confiscated. Aware of the seriousness of the situation, the gendarmes were also informed and provided assistance to their Dutch counterparts. Extensive searches were launched to find the suspect in question. After a large joint operation, KPSM agents and the gendarmes managed to locate and apprehend the individual. The latter was taken into custody at the Philipsburg station for questioning.

The Sint Maarten Police express their gratitude to all officers involved on both sides of the island for their coordinated efforts and dedication, which led to the arrest of this dangerous individual. _AF

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