News item: Party from Saint-Barth, a private plane forced to make an emergency ditching in the north of Guadeloupe


The plane, a PA 28 Archer type four-seater was returning from Saint Barth when an engine problem, detected on takeoff, forced him to make an emergency ditching.

The pilot and his passenger had time to eject and take their place in the emergency inflatable boat. Three minutes later, the aircraft sank.

The plane was then located 12 nautical miles northeast of Guadeloupe.

This is where the DRAGON 971 of Civil Security and the firefighters of the Specialized Helicopter Rescue Unit, USSH, went to rescue the two "shipwrecked", two men aged 55 and 66 years respectively.

As a precaution, both were transported to the Pointe-Pointe University Hospital for additional examinations.

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