News item: The body of a man found lifeless in the lagoon of Simpson Bay


Lhe lifeless body of a 57-year-old man was discovered floating in the lagoon of Simpson Bay towards Snoopy islet.

The man from South Africa had already been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack; after the police investigation, it did not seem that the death of this man was of criminal origin, he would have succumbed to another heart attack while he was in the lagoon.

It was a kayaker who discovered the lifeless body and alerted the Dutch coast guard; the latter, accompanied by police officers, went to the scene and recovered the body; they then took him to the police station where a forensic team was waiting for them to investigate the cause of death; after examining the body, the medical examiner was able to declare that the body showed no signs of bodily harm. The deceased was transported to the funeral home, his relatives were contacted.

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