NEW FACT: Two puppies crushed by a dumpster in Orient Bay


At the beginning of last week, emotion was strong in Orient Bay when several people discovered the lifeless bodies of two puppies in the parking lot of Boulevard des Plages. 

For several weeks, a dog and her three puppies had been living near the car park located between the Salines d'Orient and the beach of Orient Bay. Fearful, the animals could hardly be approached enough to be captured, taken care of and placed for adoption, as is done very regularly by the volunteers of the various associations fighting for the animal cause and working daily to reduce the number of stray dogs in the streets of Saint-Martin. They were fed regularly in order to create a bond of trust that would have made it possible to approach them. Since their presence on site, no problem has been listed concerning the dogs in question. On the night of August 28-29, two of the puppies were savagely run over by a garbage truck. According to CCTV footage, the act appears deliberate, leaving the two puppies no chance. The gendarmerie was dispatched to the scene in the morning, noting the massacred bodies. The video was given to the police as evidence and the services of the Collectivity in charge of the management and collection of household waste were informed. Several individuals were heard as witnesses. Only associations have the possibility of filing a direct complaint. Stray dogs are certainly a complex and recurring subject in the territory, but it is essential to condemn this type of sadistic and barbaric behavior. The investigation is ongoing. _VX


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