MISCELLANEOUS / Anguilla: boat accident, two people dead


On March 11 in the morning, a boat accident in the West End of Anguilla cost the lives of two people. Four injuries are to be deplored.

As stated in a statement from the Department of Disaster Management of Anguilla reporting the accident, emergency services intervened this Saturday March 11 at around 10 a.m. in the West End on an incident caused by the swell involving a boat of Calypso Charters carrying passing tourists. Of the six people involved, two died, including a crew member and a tourist. The four survivors of this tragedy were transported to Princess Alexandra Hospital to receive emergency care, their lives are not in danger and they have since left the hospital center. An investigation has been opened to determine the circumstances of the accident. In a message published on the day of the tragedy, the management of the charter company said: "Dear Calypso family, on behalf of the Management of Calypso Charters, we confirm that this morning the captain and crew of our ship Calypso 2 were involved in a fatal accident. We also confirm with sadness that we have lost our beloved companion, Shan. Brad is currently in the hospital and reacting. Three of our guests on board are alive. However, a family member died. No words can capture our pain right now. This is an extremely difficult and sensitive situation that affects us personally. We will continue to do our best as a leadership to share grief resources and open lines of communication with you. Our prayers are for the families involved and between us. We all love you and truly cherish every member of the team. Together we will get through this difficult time.” _VX

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