MISCELLANEOUS FACT: 460 ammunition and 11 weapons found by the gendarmes during a search


On September 23, the gendarmes carried out a search at the home of a Saint-Martinois, EL aged 59, in Grand Case as part of an investigation. In a safe, they discover 460 ammunition of different caliber and models, an assault rifle, two air rifles, a pistol, a rifle and six rifles.

All these weapons and ammunition are subject to authorization to be detained; but EL does not have one. He is then accused of having all of these weapons and ammunition. He was placed under judicial control pending his presentation this Friday before the local court of Saint-Martin for immediate appearance.

Her counsel, Maître Loïse Guillaume-Matime, asked for time to prepare her defense because she had a late copy of the file. The prosecution did not oppose the referral but requested that the judicial review be maintained.

After deliberation, the court returned the case to November 3 and confirmed that EL was still under judicial supervision.

Note that the gendarmerie investigation in the context of which the search took place, is not yet completed. This is the case of the dog stockings.


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