Ensure that Saint-Martin benefits from Action Logement measures


President Louis Mussington received, on Monday June 13, Jacques Fayel, president of the Action Logement territorial committee, accompanied by Messrs. Thierry Romanos and Jules Goval from SIKOA, in order to discuss the many needs in the territory in terms of housing but also the technical and financial support that this structure could provide locally. 

Faced with the housing shortage, the State and its social partners have created a mechanism to improve housing conditions for individuals. To finance this system and support users, French companies with more than 50 employees pay a contribution each year based on their payroll to Action Logement, which then deploys aid. 

As part of the Voluntary Investment Plan, the Action Logement scheme (formerly 1% housing), devotes a massive investment of €1,5 billion. housing overseas. This plan aims to improve the private stock, continue the production and rehabilitation of the social stock and develop intermediate housing. It is financed by the tax levied on businesses. 

Since Saint-Martin is a local authority 74 with Housing competence, there is no longer any contribution to Saint-Martin and Action Logement no longer has the vocation to intervene locally. The needs being nevertheless considerable, a collaboration could be initiated in order to respond to the housing problems on the territory. Saint-Martin could then benefit from all or part of this Plan by signing a COM/State/Action Logement tripartite agreement. 

As Jacques Fayel reminded us, Action Logement thus wants to respond to local issues and support housing stakeholders to preserve local employment and support the social policy carried out at regional level. 

President Louis Mussington was very attentive to the proposal. He will take the tie of the State on this subject, so that the Overseas Investment Plan can benefit Saint-Martin and that a partnership is quickly signed to provide real support to the inhabitants by gradually and sustainably improving local housing conditions. 

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