Low temp employment rate 


An update on temporary work in 2015 in Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands was carried out by the regional directorate for business, competition, consumption, work and employment (DIECCTE) in Guadeloupe. “Temporary work remains infrequent in Guadeloupe and in the overseas departments. The combined overseas departments (excluding Mayotte) represent 0,9% of contracts and the total volume of temporary work in France in Equivalent full-time jobs (EETP) in 2015 ”, explains regional management. It is in construction that contracts are the longest, a sector which “remains, despite its significant decline for two consecutive years, a key sector of temporary employment”. There is also a seasonality in the duration of contracts: "a low point is generally reached in the first half of the year, a peak in duration follows in the second half." _EH


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