FABULOUS FEASTS: 30 years already!


This well-known “catering” company, specialist in successful evenings on our island, decided last week to invite its customers and friends to celebrate its 30 years in Saint-Martin.

In its production workshop and restaurant in Nettlé Bay, which allowed a good number of inhabitants of this disaster area to eat lunch from Irma, the leaders Emma and Bertrand wanted to mark this anniversary in the form of a cocktail. Around the glass of friendship and the petits fours prepared by chef Joris and his second Thomas, fans of Fabulous Feasts were able to meet in joy and good humor. “Without you nothing would have been possible” declared Emma and Bertrand in their message to their customers and friends. A beautiful late afternoon which delighted the assembly at the dawn of the new season which we all hope will be one of rebirth and hope.

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