EXHIBITION: "Reflection on the Reality of Culture and Nature"


NoCo Art Studio located in Terres Basses (French part) opens its doors for a night exhibition, entitled “Reflection on the Reality of Culture and Nature” on Sunday May 31st between 18pm and 21pm. The exhibition features unique works of art, created by artist Corinna Trimborn and international artist and illustrator Colin Bootman. These two artists interweave the past, ideas and influences of Caribbean nature and culture, creating the exceptional works of art that you can find during the exhibition.

The Show will be a unique experience for visitors due to the addition of a visual show in the villa's garden.

Corinna Trimborn's paintings capture the structure of Caribbean nature, combining the abstract with realism to leave room for the viewer's imagination. She completed her studies in Art and Design with honors and founded the artistic association "Lupa. His productions are now exhibited in many  European museums. She has produced works in different artistic styles such as expressionism, the abstract, the figurative and surrealism. Corinna and her sister Norma founded NoCo Art Studio in 2001 and made Saint-Martin their home.

Colin Bootman is a NAACP award-winning artist and illustrator, who draws inspiration from the rich culture of Trinidad and Tobago. He was very early introduced to art, in particular  in New York, where he finalized his vintages at "La Guardia School of the Arts" and at the University of Visual Arts. Mr. Bootman has received numerous awards for the illustration of children's books he has published since 1994, and has more than thirty books published in the United States. His paintings were exhibited in numerous galleries in the United States. The paintings to be exhibited on May 31 will represent the reflection of different cultural aspects of life in the Caribbean.

The night exhibition will be a unique experience for all art lovers, not only to contemplate the different works, but also to discuss this passion with these renowned artists. 

It will take place on May 31 between 18 p.m. and 21 p.m. The studio is located at 39 Falaise des Oiseaux, on the road to Baie aux Prunes. Enter the Terres Basses residence by the security barriers and follow the road to the sign with the indication “Art Show Open” (the fifth villa on the left), Aniko will be pleased to welcome you.

We kindly ask you to park directly along the road before entering the villa.

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