Eugène Carty impatient to discover new facets of his profession


Eugène Carty, agent at the territorial archives of Saint-Martin will fly to the metropolis on Saturday where he will be doing an immersion internship for a month. He will be greeted by the departmental archives team from Creuse.

Eugène Carty has been working in the archives in the collection sector since November 1, 2013. “Before I was in the urban planning department. I classified in particular building permits. I was in a way responsible for the archives of town planning! ”, He relates. "This allowed me to discover a part of the history of Saint-Martin, especially in terms of construction, to understand the different projects", specifies the one who wanted to know more about this history and the world of archives. Hence his desire to integrate this service.

Today Eugène Carty wishes to pass competitions to go up in rank and to go on an internship in immersion is an opportunity for him. “It is fabulous to be able to go on an immersion course. This will allow me to learn even more, to see how other services work, to discover new facets of the profession, ”he admits. Precisely all the digitization side, knowing that one of the projects of the archives of Saint-Martin is precisely the digitization of the funds.

“I would like this experience to encourage the young people of Saint-Martin, to give them hope and the desire to succeed. Let her show them that it is possible to start here, to undergo training in mainland France and to come back to work in Saint-Martin, ”he confides.

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