Etudes Québec (Saint-Martin branch): A team dedicated to student success!


18-01-18-photo-diaryThe company “Etudes Québec” has just opened its branch in Saint-Martin with Lyne Cholette and Arnaud Saeleuve at its head.

“Etudes Québec” is an effective gateway based in Saint-Martin to support students in all their administrative and immigration procedures. She offers a personalized service to guide and identify the needs of students. She is also looking for the best educational establishment in Quebec according to the wishes of the students and the eligibility criteria.



• Goals :

- Guide your approach to find the job that best suits your skills and your profile.

- Analyze university programs and educational establishments likely to interest you. We are looking for the best establishments for you among the universities and its 3 programs, the best profession in more than 000 vocational high schools, elementary schools across Quebec.

- Guarantee the filing of your admission application according to the rules of the art and according to your wishes and the eligibility constraints requested by Quebec institutions.

- Support on all administrative and immigration stages.

- Succeed and make every effort to achieve your career goals and academic success.

• Who are we ?

A dynamic and professional team working in the field of student recruitment since 1994 in Quebec.

• Our experience :

With more than 25 years of experience, our specialists are real experts in the Quebec education system. They accompany you step by step in your project for the future.

• Our mission :

Etudes Québec was created with the aim of accompanying you, supporting you and ensuring that you listen and receive relevant advice for your studies in Quebec.

We do everything we can to help you make the project of your life a reality.

Making an information and guidance service accessible for the choice of your studies in Quebec is our priority. We establish a healthy and trusting relationship in order to enroll you in one of our selected colleges in complete security and confidentiality.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing Quebec to study there:

• Québec diplomas are internationally recognized. Québec ensures the quality of the programs offered in all the public institutions of its education system (through the use, among other things, of laws, external evaluation bodies and the accreditation of professional orders) . Only universities, institutes and schools affiliated with universities are authorized to offer university programs.

• You can choose from a wide range of study programs in French or English, depending on the institution selected.

• The tuition fees applicable to foreign students in Quebec compare favorably with those demanded by other industrialized countries. The cost of living is also among the lowest in Canada.

• Québec higher education establishments are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure (high-tech laboratories, computer rooms, sports facilities, performance halls, etc.) regardless of their size and location.

• Studying in Quebec also means living the unique experience of North America in French. Crossroads of Latin and Anglo-Saxon cultures, enriched by the contribution of multi-ethnic immigration, Quebec offers a stimulating living environment which has the advantage of being safe.

• Finally, Quebec, whose territory is three times the size of France, is synonymous with wide open spaces. It is home to numerous lakes and rivers, a huge boreal forest, a majestic fjord and river, as well as several national parks whose appearance changes with the seasons.


A free information session will take place on Monday January 29 at 19 p.m. (already full) at the Dolce Vita Restaurant (Princess Casino), Esco Pazzo space on the 1st floor, but another session is scheduled for Monday, February 5 next.

Lyne CHOLETTE and Arnaud SAELEUVE (Founders)

Information and Information: Phone: 0690 11 27 57 -


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