Explosive eruption of the Soufrière volcano in Saint-Vincent: more than 20000 inhabitants evacuated!


Red and general alert on the island of Saint-Vincent where the Soufrière volcano erupted this morning at 8:41 am sharp, imposing since yesterday the emergency evacuation of thousands of inhabitants.

At least four cruise ships from Royal Caribbean and Carnival companies have been diverted to the area to pick up the displaced.

As we told you in the “Faxinfo English” on Wednesday April 7, scientists had been closely monitoring this explosive volcano for several weeks. Dome which swells more and more, continuous emissions of gas, repeated earthquake… So many clues which allowed to affirm that the volcano was waking up and that the magma was going up. In short, the specialists were not mistaken: La Soufrière ended up exploding this morning!

Evacuees could be taken to shelters on other islands in the archipelago, or in other Caribbean territories and countries that have offered assistance, such as Barbados or Saint Lucia, according to local media.

More info to follow. _AF

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