HORSE RIDING: The Sea Horse and Sun celebrates for its last competition of the year!


In collaboration with the Equestrian Association of Saint-Martin, the Sea Horse and Sun equestrian center organized its last competition of the year last weekend. Almost all the riders were there!

Despite the start of the day in the rain, the mini-riders, beginners and gallop level 1 clashed on a course full of pitfalls. In the afternoon, a planned show jumping course in three groups was also on the program.

Bravo to all the riders and thank you to the parents who came to encourage their protege, as well as to the volunteers of the Equestrian Association of Saint-Martin who took care of setting the mood and ensuring the catering.

The next and last event of the year is scheduled for Saturday, June 16, 2018 with the club party, where all the riders will present a carousel. The appointment is made! _AF


The results :

• 1 st event: mini riders

1 st place: Tina

2 nd place: Tom the youngest rider in the center

3 rd place: Malia

• 2nd test: beginners

1 st place: Romy

2 nd place: Valentine

3 rd place: Temaru

 3 rd event: Galop1

1 st place: Lea N

2 nd place: Hisae

3 rd place: Lea C.

• Price of elegance: Hisae

• Club 3:

1st place: Kyara

2 nd place: Aïnoha

3 rd place: Luna B.

• Club 2:

1 st place: Ombeline

2 nd place: Natea

3 rd place: Melissa

• Club 1:

1 st place: Lea

2 nd place: Camille

3 rd place: Philippine

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