HORSE RIDING: 1st Christmas competition organized at the Sea, Horse & Sun club


On Saturday December 23, the Colombier Sea Horse and Sun Riding Club organized its first obstacle competition of the season. 

All the riders present have dressed their mounts in Christmas colors for the occasion.

Many thanks to BUREAU VALLEE and DYNAVENA for offering lots.

During this competition, four categories were represented:

In PREPA 50 / Club 4

1 st place Ainoha

2 nd place Camille M

3 rd place Lilou L

In Club 3 category

1 st place Anita

2nd place Luna B

3rd place Luna P

In Club 2 category

1 st place Anita

2 nd place Louna L

3rd place Carlos

In Club 1 category

1 st place Lea

2 nd place Philippine

3rd place Lou

The competitors then experienced a great moment of sharing during this Christmas period around a meal brought by the parents of the riders. Place now in Suriname where Camille leaves with 2 riders to represent her island of Saint-Martin. _AF


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