ENVIRONMENT: A whale and her calf put on a show in the waters of Anguilla


The sea trip on the Bubble Shop boat will have left an indelible memory to its occupants this Wednesday, March 8. A whale and her calf gave a breathtaking spectacle during a particularly rich season in terms of the presence of these giants of the seas in the waters of Saint-Martin.

After an early morning spotting where the whale and the calf had been noticed by several people, the Bubble Shop and Wind Adventures team embarked in the direction of Tintamarre. Once offshore, in the waters of Anguilla, two boats were already on site. Having followed the training of Whale-Watcher allowing him to approach at 100 meters marine mammals, Manu of Wind Adventures grouped the boats, giving instructions to turn off the engines for a static observation. For an hour, the occupants of the three boats watched the whale and the calf breathe on the surface of the water. After this wait, which did not seem long in such a magnificent environment, the calf began to jump away, with all the energy it could deploy, to the delight of the observers present in the Anguilla channel. Alerted by her calf's curiosity, the whale approached the boats to launch itself into a masterful somersault twenty meters from the boats. The calf did not spoil his pleasure by continuing his underwater stunts to then join his mother. The two marine mammals moved away towards Scrub Island in the North-East of Anguilla, leaving the spectators speechless. _Vx

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