ENVIRONMENT: A website that lists the arrivals of Sargassum in more than 30 countries


If the risk of sargassum grounding in Guadeloupe is qualified as medium for the next four days according to the direction of the environment, in Saint-Martin it is low for the same period, no raft has been observed off the islands. North.

Algae arrivals are monitored on satellite images and can be viewed via online tools. Among these sites, the one put online by Christine Jimenez-Mariani, ex-navigator, Sargassum monitoring.

This platform “also has the mission of popularizing the problem of Sargassum and raising awareness among the general public”. Accessible in six languages, the site presents the areas invaded by algae in more than 30 countries from Central America to West Africa via the Caribbean and the United States.

Year by year, Christine Jimenez-Mariani has identified the arrivals of Sargassum and mapped them. These data are illustrated with photos. Concerning Saint-Martin, we can see images of Cul de Sac, Mont Vernon or Simpson Bay. “The site provides constant monitoring, 365 days a year.  Seven days a week, images and videos of arrivals are collected, checked and positioned as precisely as possible on the map of the year”, specifies Christine Jimenez-Mariani.

“The sargassum invasion is only getting bigger and the inquiries are accordingly. To find solutions, it is absolutely necessary to disseminate more widely the information concerning this serious problem due to human pollution! “, she designs.  For this, she wants to evolve her site and develop it. She is also looking for financial partners.

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