ENVIRONMENT: Another great cleaning operation by the Clean St Martin association


Like every month, the Clean St Martin association and its courageous volunteers tackle the cleaning of a site on the island. Since this Sunday, March 19, it is the heights of Concordia which are now cleaner thanks to them.

Usually more focused on cleaning the seaside, the Clean St Martin team decided to tackle a site located high up in Concordia for its clean-up in March. The appointment fixed at 8:30 was given in front of the gate which goes up to the water tank, above the hospital. For this third edition of the year, which was held until 11 a.m., the association collected several bin bags of waste and a large number of bottles. With the gradual resumption of glass sorting, no less than ten shopping bags were filled during this cleaning morning. As the Clean St Martin association pointed out: "Sorting for glass has started again on the French side, but in order to be able to process it, it must be sorted correctly when putting the glass bottles in the terminals provided for this effect, i.e. the green terminals". After the effort, the participants met to share a friendly moment around a drink offered by the association. In addition to the feeling of having participated actively for the environmental cause, each cleaning session with the association is an opportunity to meet other people, in a good-natured and supportive atmosphere. Let's take advantage of this great initiative to give a little reminder about the sorting bins that are located in public spaces: green bin for glass, yellow bin for plastics and packaging and orange bin for other waste. The cleanliness of the island is everyone's business, and sorting is just as important. _VX

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