Environment: The Conservatoire du littoral launches an ecological diagnosis of ponds


Establish a post-cyclonic ecological diagnosis of ponds. This is the mission of Mélanie Herteman, ecologist, for the Conservatoire du littoral. Based in Martinique, the scientist was in Saint-Martin last week and will return from May 14 to 18 for a second week of field observations.

At the rate of one site per day, the scientist must observe the surroundings of the ponds impacted by the waste as well as assess the damage to the vegetation to draw up a map. It also notes the presence (or absence) of animal populations, such as crabs or birds, revealing the health of the ecosystem. Equipped with a probe, it also carries out physico-chemical surveys in order to measure the salinity, oxygenation and temperature of the water. She will then write files that will summarize the priorities of each site and its recommendations (to do / avoid) to preserve them.

"There are places that will take years to rehabilitate like the fish pond whose mangrove is 70% destroyed" she said during an early press point on the beach of Galleon organized Wednesday, April 25 by the Conservatoire du littoral. She then embarked accompanied by Anne-Marie Bouillé, project manager at the Conservatoire du littoral on a kayak in order to carry out her diagnosis of the Eastern Saltworks.

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