Environment: Laurie Hec, new manager of the Agoa sanctuary


The Agoa sanctuary team, which had taken up residence in Martinique in 2018, welcomes its new manager Laurie Hec this month.

Holder of the competition of administrator of maritime affairs, Laurie Hec worked in the direction of the Martinique sea and in the CROSS Antilles-Guyane from 2016 to 2018. Back in France, she was in post in the direction of water and of biodiversity from the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition in Paris. Wishing to preserve the marine environment of a territory that she particularly likes, she joined the Agoa sanctuary this month, as head of a team of 8 agents.

Among her new prerogatives, Laurie Hec's mission is to relaunch the management council, the governance body of the sanctuary chaired by Yvon Combes, which had last met in November 2017. She will also have to pilot the CARI project 'MAM (Caribbean Marine Mammals Preservation Network), cofinanced by the European Fund for Regional Development (Interreg Caribbean). This project launched in 2018 and funded until 2020 aims to network marine protected areas dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals in the Caribbean.

The Agoa sanctuary  for marine mammals

The Agoa sanctuary is a marine protected area dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and was recognized in 2012 as a specially protected area under the SPAW protocol (Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife). Covering all waters under French jurisdiction of the Antilles, it covers 140 km² and includes the exclusive economic zones of Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy. More than twenty species of marine mammals frequent these waters and the Agoa Sanctuary aims to guarantee a good state of conservation of these species by protecting them, as well as their habitats, from negative direct or indirect, proven or potential impacts. , human activities.


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