ENVIRONMENT: The second edition of the Fête de la Baleine won over the crowd!


Organized by the Métimer association this past Sunday, the Fête de la Baleine counted 800 visitors for this second edition, the vast majority of whom were young people curious to discover underwater species thanks to the many activities planned.

The Whale Festival took place in the village square of Orient Bay where a myriad of stalls awaited the public. The Métimer association has intelligently renewed its partnership with the organizations already present last year to celebrate with the population the richness of the marine biodiversity of Saint-Martin and above all, the majestic humpback whale present in our waters. The children also rushed to the stand of the AGOA sanctuary, a major partner, to listen to the song of the whales and live the magical experience of diving with them to discover the seabed while remaining on land thanks to the reality helmet. virtual made available by the Natural Reserve of Saint-Martin. My school Ma Baleine brilliantly reiterated its awareness-raising activity on environmental preservation issues and the ravages of pollution with fun and educational games.

And while the adults were getting more in-depth information at the stands of the Megaptera association, which remains unbeatable on the behavior of whales with their scientific and affordable analysis, the little ones were being made up with marine drawings which they wore proudly. The artist-painter Mino presented her artistic works illustrating various marine mammals. The two conferences planned during the Fête de la Baleine were very popular, particularly the one for children, led by Vincent from the Réserve Naturelle and Amandine from Mon école Ma Baleine, in the Chapelle theatre. The children were very curious given the avalanche of questions that fell on the two speakers who were not unworthy.

The conference for adults, in the presence, among others, of the enthusiast Michel Vély and Michaël Wery, director of maritime affairs, made it possible to recall the regulations for approaching animals and to exchange with the actors of the territory.

The Whale Festival was intended to be informative and convivial, a successful bet for Béatrice Wojcik, president of Métimer, her team and her partners. The event welcomed many families who warmly welcomed the event, also visited by Fabien Sésé, secretary general of the Prefecture, and Martine Beldor in charge of community life at the Collectivity.

The drawing competition was won by Sayuri, a student of 6nd at Isaac Newton College. She wins a sea trip with her class to observe humpback whales in the company of one of the five whale-whatchers trained on Saint-Martin. The Fête de la Baleine confirms its reputation as an event awaited by young and old alike, who are already impatient at the idea of ​​the third edition. _Vx

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