ENVIRONMENT: The Collectivity calls on the population to express themselves on waste management


As part of the development of the Territorial Plan for Waste Prevention and Management (PTPGD) of Saint-Martin, the Collectivity opened a public consultation on March 16 and this, until April 16. The inhabitants of the territory are invited to participate, in French or in English.

Since the law of August 7, 2015, the competence relating to waste planning has been transferred to the regions, and consequently, to the Collectivity of Saint-Martin. The latter must therefore create a single territorial plan for the prevention and management of waste which concerns non-hazardous non-inert waste, non-hazardous inert waste and hazardous waste, whether it comes from households, economic activities, communities or administrations. The PTPGD, subject to environmental assessment and public inquiry, includes, among other things, an inventory of waste prevention and management as well as six- and twelve-year planning taking into account the trend in quantities of waste produced on the territory, objectives in terms of prevention, recycling and recovery of waste, and a Territorial Action Plan in favor of the Circular Economy (PTAEC). The Collectivity of Saint-Martin declares itself “strongly committed to a strategy of selective collection and recovery of waste. New systems for the collection, recycling and recovery of waste will soon reinforce the actions already carried out. To go further while reducing the production of waste, it is now necessary to develop new objectives while meeting the regulatory obligation to draw up a Territorial Plan for the Prevention and Management of Waste”. The Collectivity therefore calls on the population to share opinions and suggestions in order to enrich the PTPGD. The public consultation is open until April 16, 2023 (see links below to participate). _Vx

French version : https://forms.gle/MwTAx4TAMmLA1chK9

English version: https://forms.gle/KkWipEHeYfKZjYQV7

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