Environment: 107 new sorting columns available to the public


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin - Department of the Environment and the Living Environment - started yesterday the installation of new sorting columns on the territory. A total of 107 additional columns will be made available to the public in the districts by the end of 2016.


This operation is part of the awareness campaign on the sorting of household waste, launched by the community of Saint-Martin in May 2016, with the aim of collecting 22kg of recycled waste per inhabitant by 2018 .

Through this civic action, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin is committed to making selective sorting a systematic gesture in Saint-Martin. The population is invited to take an active part in this campaign which aims to protect our environment, by making selective sorting a daily gesture.

To recycle, you have to sort…

Indeed, faced with the increase in the number of inhabitants and the change in consumption patterns, society is evolving and the production of waste is growing accordingly. In response to the difficulties encountered by the communities in charge of treatment, recycling appeared as one of the solutions in the early 1990s. Re-qualified as new raw materials, packaging and paper are no longer waste. But without sorting, no recycling! Because when mixed with other household waste, the recovery of packaging and paper is impossible for communities. So, to recycle, you have to sort. Starting point of the whole chain, sorting at home is essential. By following simple sorting instructions on a daily basis, everyone positions themselves as an actor in protecting the environment. _AF


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