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"Love at the beach" is the name of the restaurant that François Castelain wishes to open in Grand Case, a place "where life lovers will meet". And especially lovers of culture and art. Besides a restaurant, this “will indeed be a place of artistic discovery, a dynamic space. The atmosphere will evolve over the artists who perform, unusual evenings which will take place over the seasons, an art of living ”, he explains.

Investment, especially financial, is important. François Castelain therefore decided to use crowdfunding (crowdfunding). The principle being to ask the public to participate in the financing of the project. It is hosted by the Tudigo platform (formerly Bulb in Town). He needs a minimum of 4 euros, the ideal being 500 euros. François estimated several levels of funding from 30 to 000 euros, which correspond to different levels of restaurant layout. (More details on


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