Entrepreneurship: Pôle Emploi and ISMA lead a workshop on job aids for business creators


The Saint-Martin Active Initiative platform (ISMA) organized, last Thursday at the CCISM as part of the “Business Attitudes” actions, an information evening on the theme of “Hiring aid for business creators” . Eighty people interested in the subject came to listen and interact with the various speakers.

The evening was hosted by Naguy Plumain, Lisa Pereira-Nieto, Isabelle Dallio from Pôle Emploi, as well as by Sabrina Rivère, director of the Initiative Saint-Martin Active platform. The aim of this workshop was to inform all project leaders, or entrepreneurs, about the possible arrangements for hiring staff, while benefiting from aids or subsidies, through Pôle Emploi.

The aid is not the same depending on the legal status of the creator or the entrepreneur. When the person is a job seeker, the Pôle Emploi can continue to pay the allowance, for two years in a row. If it is a  other company format, such as a EURL, the Pôle Emploi considers a pro rata of turnover. Hence the interest to be careful, when the creator or the buyer of a business decides what he wants to do.

Qualifying training in companies, with periods of immersion in the company, is notably offered with periods of 400 hours or 800 hours.

At the end, a minimum CDD of 6 months is in principle proposed.

The priority questions of the participants in this meeting were whether it was better to receive a capital, when one is unemployed, or to be part of the fact of receiving for two years compensation for, in case of creation, perpetuate the structure and not impact the company during its start of activity. _RM

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