Teaching: The Semsamar Solidarités Foundation awards a scholarship to 35 students


As every year, the Semsamar Solidarités Foundation awarded a scholarship to students, to allow them to continue their studies, mainly in France. This scholarship presentation took place last Friday in the boardroom of Semsamar in the presence of the president of the Semsamar Solidarités Foundation, Annette Philips, and Rudy Alexandre, director of the Operational Service in Saint-Martin, who represented the president of Semsamar, Yawo Nyuiadzi.

Thirty-five Saint-Martin students received this scholarship, which is intended to advance the level of training of these young people and promote their success. Two objectives which undoubtedly constitute one of the priorities of Semsamar. The students, or their representatives, present at this ceremony co-signed, with the Semsamar Solidarités Foundation and Semsamar, an agreement which confirms the obtaining of this financial assistance.

The Semsamar Solidarités Foundation Commission examined a total of 132 files during the month of August. After examining the files, the committee awarded a scholarship to 14 girls and 21 boys, for a total amount of 70 euros. Among the selected files, 000 students follow post-baccalaureate studies and 29 others benefit from a scholarship renewal. After the signing of their agreement, three students, Kenrick Cozier-Manuel, Sana Dupont and Julic Rohan presented their study project and thanked the Foundation for this financial assistance.

The Semsamar Solidarity Foundation, through the voice of its president, hopes that this small contribution will contribute to the academic success of these young students, and that the greatest number of them will participate in the development of Saint-Martin._RM

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