Gastronomic investigator: Above all, love good food


Not everyone can improvise as an investigator to visit restaurants. Training is required and, with regard to the Gault and Millau guide, Alain Warth, president of Gault and Millau for the Antilles-Guyana, ensures that there are many failures during the various tests.

The future investigators are selected according to criteria and must, above all, love gastronomy to follow the training which lasts several days. "We refuse more than we take," notes Alain Warth, because after a few days and after having visited restaurants together, candidates must be, when rating the establishment, "at a minimum, half a point from the lead investigator. Otherwise we don't keep them ”.

A future investigator must be "epicurean, love cooking and eating well," insists Alain Warth. The latter often meets the case of chefs who wish to become an investigator, but who are not accepted, "because they have a vision of their own cuisine and they are not objective". The investigators come from all walks of life and from professions that are totally different from each other. There is no typical profile, notes Alain Warth, "It can be a gendarme, a teacher, a factory employee ... But they all have in common this ability to like good food and to be objective" . Beyond their professions, the investigators come to lunch or dinner incognito, they control and note according to an international grid which includes a little more than 40 points.

The investigator memorizes everything, and then the evaluation is done outside the restaurant, because the checks are carried out in the most total incognito, "it takes an hour, an hour and a half, to evaluate the establishment later" . A dozen investigators are deployed in the Antilles-Guyana, to which are added investigators of the national level who come to verify and certify, or not, the work of the investigators. Generally, a restaurant is visited only once, but from a certain rating, "we come back two, even three times, to certify the rating awarded," said the president of Gault and Millau for the Antilles-Guyana . _RM

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