Child abduction: arrest warrant and prison required


Last Thursday, judge Pascal Belin analyzed the file of Mrs. KK, accused of having abducted her children for an unknown destination on February 16, 2011.

It all started after the filing of a complaint to the gendarmerie where KK wife of FN reports to the gendarmes that her husband practiced sexual touching on her seven-year-old daughter. Married since 1998 and parents of two children, KK and FN decide to end their relationship. Following a court decision dated September 15, 2008, the children live exclusively with their mother. The father is however entitled to visits only on weekends during school holidays. Two years after the accusations which are still not proven, FN has had joint custody of the children. KK, who has trouble digesting the decision of the Basse-Terre family court judge, decided on February 16, 2011, with the help of a friend, to leave the island with his children for an unknown destination. From then on, the father never heard from him. After having tried everything, but in vain, an arrest warrant was issued by the courts in 2012 to find the mother and children. Despite everything, the research is unsuccessful. According to the victim's lawyer who is a civil party, his client has information which suggests that the woman is in Brazil with the children under false identities. Instead of going looking for them, he prefers to trust justice. In this case, the vice-prosecutor Michaël Ohayon requires two years of imprisonment against KK as well as a warrant of arrest. The case was put under advisement on October 15. _KL


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