Burial of electrical networks: Low-Town Street will be open to one-way traffic in the Marigot Bellevue direction from July 20


One of the last sections of burial of the electrical networks concerns the sector of the Low-Town street in Marigot.

The work will begin on Monday, July 20, and will end on August 31, 2020. There will be inevitable repercussions on road traffic in the downtown area during the work, since Low-Town Street will be open to traffic only in one direction. - unique in the sense of Marigot Bellevue.

The entrance to the city from Bellevue will be exclusively via rue de Hollande, until the end of the works.

EDF will launch a local communication operation, starting Monday, July 15, with local residents and merchants on Low-Town Street to explain verbally the content of this work.

For its part, the Collectivity is responsible for initiating a general communication, at the beginning of next week.

For two months, it will not be possible to park on Low-Town Street, the inhabitants of the area will be exposed to the works - this is not an optimal situation and we are aware of it - but what to remember, c Ultimately, the street will be fully fiberized with an underground electricity network for everyone's safety.

“We don't say it enough, but it is important to remember that the Collectivity acts every day in the service of the general interest through this type of concrete achievements. The objective is to significantly improve local public services ”, specifies Daniel Gibbs.

Once this large landfill site is completed, the community will embark on the repair of the Saint-Martin road network which needs to be rehabilitated after these major reconstruction works.

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